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Wheel Loader Products

Master Coupler Products

Master Hitch allows you to turn your wheel or crawler loader into a versatile tool carrier features:

  • Hydraulic actuation from the cab
  • Easy attachment change
Existing Attachment Conversion – We offer two conversion kits in order to adapt your existing attachments to our coupler master hitch.

Loader Bucket Products

General Purpose and Light Material buckets feature an excellent profile for easy loading, tapered or flat bottom, either bolt-on edges or teeth. additional coal and wood chip buckets are available.

Multi-Purpose Buckets are built to maximize a variety of applications…clamping, loading, dozing and digging.
Side-Dump Buckets allow excellent versatility for working in confined areas, along roads in traffic and filling trucks and hoppers. (left or right hand dump available)
Roll Out Buckets are designed to give you that extra reach over the side of a hopper without loader arm modifications.
Corral Cleaning Buckets feature rugged construction and heavy duty clamp to work efficiently in feed lots and brush handling applications.

Loader Blade Products

Wheeled Dozer Blade is designed for conversion of your wheel loader to a wheeled dozer.

Manual Angle Blade features 30° angle both left/right skid shoes and angled or flat corner bits.
Hydraulic Angle Blade features 25° angle both left/right adjustable skid shoes and angled or flat corner bits including reversible cutting edges.
Airport Runway Blades are designed to move large volumes of snow. in addition, the end caps can be removed to eliminate windrows.
One Way Plows can easily handle snow on roadways and parking lots. replaceable cutting edges and heavy duty frame.
U/V Blades are a versatile solution for maximum snow removal. The blade can be hydraulically actuated to form a “U” , “V” or straight blade in addition to left or right angling.

Other Loader Products

Lifting Arm – a must for any wheel loader. This is one of the most popular wheel loader and tool carrier attachments. Features fixed or telescoping design, hydraulic or manual extension or optional hydraulic winch. This tool is an excellent choice for setting pipe, equipment maintenance or steel erection.

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