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Excavator Products

Our excavator attachments are designed around a universal quick coupling system that will allow you to interchange other attachments from other excavators of the same size, providing they are using a universal connector, which further enhances the versatility of the machine.
Our Hydraulic Universal Connector allows easy attachment changes with the simple press of a button. the operator never leaves the cab, thus, offering high daily production!
Our Manual Universal Connector allows easy attachment changes with the simple removal and replacement of two bolts. The entire process takes less than two minutes!
Conversion Lugs – You can maximize the benefit of your universal connector by converting all of your pin-on attachments that are machine specific to this system. Conversion Lugs are available as a blank or cut to your specific profile.

Our New Universal Pin Grabbing Coupler offers compatibility with standard OEM buckets and attachments. This unique coupler features the smallest tip radius loss, among pin grabbers, in the industry to reduce power loss.
Universal Pin Grabbing Couplers are available for all excavator OEM standard buckets and attachments. All couplers feature a certified lifting eye for handling pipe and other materials. Easy bucket/attachment hookup can be achieved in less than a minute.Wedge locking system automatically locks the coupler to the attachment to ensure alignment and constant pressure. our double acting cylinder, check valve in the solenoid assembly and mechanical locking pin removes the risk of electrical fault or human error.

We offer a range of heavy duty Slab Crab buckets for excavators. All buckets are available as a direct pin-on or to fit the universal connector. Slab Crabs easily handle saw-cut concrete slabs from 4 inches (102mm) to 20 inches (508mm) thick!
Slab Crab makes removal of concrete slabs and bridge decks a one man job! With Slab Crab, removing bridge decking and concrete is as easy as 1-2-3!
  1. Simply saw cut your slabs just shy of the beams…
  2. Tip up one side of the slab to break the bond…

Slash Blade, the one attachment that allows you to dig, load, grade & slope. Cuts like a dozer, loads like a bucket to meet your application demands. Slash Blades move more bulk material than a conventional bucket meaning larger payloads! We can accommodate excavator sizes from Mini to 100 ton (90,720 kg).

Extreme Duty Demolition Grapples have been developed to withstand the toughest applications. They are available in either pin-on mount or universal mount for easy attachment change offering greater machine utilization.
Brush Grapple – We offer eight brush handling grapples developed for use in land clearing applications. They are available in either pin-on mount or universal mount for easy attachment change offering greater machine utilization. These grapples are ideal for bulk loading trucks and tub grinders in recycling applications.

The Claw – toughest thumb in the industry!

Nine new thumb features to give you higher serviceability:

  • Improved design for greater durability.
  • Built from abrasive resistant alloy steel.
  • Attention to detail ensures superb craftsmanship.
  • Manual or hydraulic actuation.
  • New design allows thumb to fold out of the way when not in use enabling full excavator bucket capabilities.
  • Line bored pin bosses for accurate alignment.
  • Case hardened pins ensure durability.
  • Easy mounting with easy to follow instructions.
  • Steel laminated stay arm resists torsional strain and bending.

We offer virtually any size and type of heavy duty bucket for excavators including high capacity buckets. All buckets are available as a direct pin-on or to accept the universal connector. Buckets are easily defined by deep strong top sections, heavy baskets, side and bottom wear plates, and thick, wide cutting edges so they can be utilized in a variety of applications from general excavation to grading and backfilling.

Brush Rakes are designed specifically to pile brush without retaining dirt, dig roots and stumps in land clearing. Rakes can be equipped with our “Claw” thumb to increase utilization. Rakes feature abrasion resistant steel construction. These rakes are available for Mini to 100 ton (90,720 kgs.) excavators. standard excavator widths include 48 inches (1292 mm) to 66 inches (1676 mm) overall width.

Special Purpose Attachments

Cleanup Bucket – features open design for easy clean out, cutting edges are drilled for bolt-on cutting edges, serrated bolt-on edge available

Twist-a-Bucket – features heavy duty construction for tough applications, cutting edges are drilled for bolt-on cutting edges, 45° tilt both left/right, dual tilt cylinders
Ditching V Bucket – features heavy duty construction available in drop-center configurations, custom built / side slope optional adapters & teeth available
“V” Bottom Bucket – features extra heavy duty construction special teeth to cut through frost or shale & reinforced side corners
Bucket Clamps “Thumbs” – features heavy duty construction manual or hydraulic actuation, for use with either excavating or clean up buckets, brush rakes and slash blades. 3 or 4 tines available
Compactor & Hammer Adapter – available for many different makes of hammers & compactors. also available as a blank to meet special requirements
Pipeline Spade – designed specifically for cleaning out under pipelines and utilities without damaging the line. easier and more productive than a bucket.
Powertilt® Quick Coupler – features 140° swing (70° left/right) 180° available for some models. Excellent for sloped trenches, excavating under and around foundations, sidewalks, utilities and ditch cleaning or making square bottom excavations on slopes. Able to handle brush cutters, mowers, hydraulic hammers and compactors.
Rippers – features heavy duty construction. Can out perform rear mounted tractor rippers in most applications. Ideal for permafrost…tooth is replaceable
Quick Stick Extension – offers the reach of a dedicated long front excavator. Comes with bucket linkage.

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